• Bon Voyage (Sushi Boat)

Enjoy this beautiful and delicious Sushi Boat Dinner. Served with assorted Sushi, Sashimi, Rolls, Beef or Chicken Yakitori, Salad, and Miso Soup.

Options of boat for 2 people, for 3 people and for 4 people.

Bon Voyage (Sushi Boat)

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Tags: boat, sushi, sashimi, dinner, entree


Edamame Edamame
Soramame Soramame
Gindara Gindara
Sanma Shio (Pike) Appetizer Sanma Shio
Kinoko Trio Kinoko Trio
Enoki Bacon Enoki Bacon
Aspara Bacon Asparagus Bacon
Tempura Appetizer Tempura Appetizer
Shrimp Tempura Appetizer Shrimp Tempura
Vegetable Tempura Appetizer Vegetable Tempura
Rock Shrimp Tempura Appetizer Rock Shrimp Tempura
Karaage Appetizer Karaage
Agedashi Tofu Agedashi Tofu
Hirame Tofu Hirame Tofu
Hirame Engawa Hirame Engawa (Fluke Edge Sashimi)
Yakko Tofu Yakko Tofu
Tofu Kimchi Tofu Kimchi
Hamachi Kama (Yellowtail Neck) Appetizer Hamachi Kama
Corn Korroke Corn Korroke
Gyoza Gyoza
Yaki Gyoza Yaki Gyoza
Ebi / Shrimp Gyoza Shrimp Gyoza
Yasai / Vegetable Gyoza Vegetable Gyoza
Renkon Kinpira (Lotus Root) Renkon Kinpira
Kaki Fry (Fried Oyster) Fried Oyster
Kaibashira Kaibashira Fried Scallops
Harumaki (Spring Roll) Harumaki
Vegetable Harumaki (Spring Roll) Vegetable Harumaki
Shumai Shumai
Jumbo Ebi (Shrimp) Shumai Jumbo Shrimp Shumai
Steamed Mussels Steamed Mussels
Ebi Renkon Ebi Renkon
Ebi Renkon Iwashi Fry

Sashimi Appetizer Sashimi Appetizer
Salmon Sashimi Appetizer Salmon Sashimi
Hamachi (Yellowtail) Sashimi Appetizer Yellowtail Sashimi
Tuna Sashimi Appetizer Tuna Sashimi
Uzaku Su Uzaku Su
Tuna / Salmon Carpaccio Tuna / Salmon Carpaccio
Buta Kimchi Buta Kimchi
Moyashi Moyashi Bean Sprout
Mozuku Su Mozuku Su
Sunomono Sunomono
Tako Wasa Tako Wasa
Tako Su Tako Su
Wakame Kyuri Su Wakame Kyuri Su
Neba-Neba Neba-Neba
Goya Campuru Goya Campuru
Gobo Kimpira Gobo Kimpira
Nagaimo Nagaimo
Cold Tomatoes Cold Tomatoes
Chicken Liver Chicken Liver
Chicken Bak Choy Chicken Bak Choy
Yakitori Appetizer Chicken Yakitori
Shrimp Kushiyaki Appetizer Shrimp Kushiyaki
Beef Kushiyaki Appetizer Beef Kushiyaki
Buta Kushi Appetizer Buta Kushi
Ika Hotaru Ika Hotaru
Ika Ring Fry (Geso) Ika Ring Fry
Pork Spare Ribs Pork Spare Ribs
Salmon Kama Appetizer Salmon Kama Appetizer
Hooke Atka Hokke Atka
Burdock Stick (Gobo Stick) Burdock Stick (Gobo Stick)
Gyutan (Beef Tongue) Gyutan (Beef Tongue)
Squid Tentacles Squid Tentacles Sashimi
Squid Tentacles Squid Tentacles

Soup and Salad

Miso Soup Miso Soup
Nameko Jiru Nameko Jiru
Clam Soup Clam Soup
Oshinko Oshinko
Tossed Garden Salad Garden Salad
Ariyoshi Salad Ariyoshi Salad
Kaiso Salad Kaiso Seaweed Salad
Kani Salad Kani Salad
Seafood Salad Seafood Salad


Miso Ramen Miso Ramen
Shio Ramen Shio Ramen
Shoyu Ramen Shoyu Ramen
Tonkotsu Ramen Tonkotsu Ramen
Ariyoshi Nabe Ariyoshi Nabe
Mentaiko Spaghetti Mentaiko Spaghetti
Meat Sauce Spaghetti Meat Sauce Spaghetti
Natto Spaghetti Natto Spaghetti
Seafood Spaghetti Seafood Spaghetti
Morioka Noodle Morioka Noodle
Wakame (Seaweed) Udon Seaweed Udon/Soba
Nabeyaki Udon Nabeyaki Udon/Soba
Tempura Udon Tempura Udon/Soba
Miso Nikomi Udon Miso Nikomi Udon
Vegetable Udon Vegetable Udon/Soba
Kitsune Udon Kitsune Udon
Zaru Soba (Cold Buckwheat Noodle) Zaru Soba
Tempura Zaru Soba Tempura Zaru Soba
Vegetable Yaki Udon (Pan Fried Noodle) Vegetable Yaki Udon

Combination Deals & Bento Box

Kiji Don Udon Combo (Chicken Teriyaki & Udon) Kiji Don Udon (Chicken Teriyaki & Udon)
Salmon Don Udon Combo Salmon Don Udon
Seafood Teriyaki Udon Combo Seafood Teriyaki Udon
Sushi & Udon Combo Sushi & Udon Combo
Dinner Bento Box Dinner Bento Box


Vegetarian Dinner Bento Box Vegetarian Dinner Bento Box
Vegetable Sauteed Dinner (Yasai Itame) Vegetable Sauteed Dinner
Vegetable Tempura Dinner Vegetable Tempura Dinner
Moyashi Moyashi Bean Sprout
Yasai / Vegetable Gyoza Vegetable Gyoza
Vegetable Harumaki (Spring Roll) Vegetable Harumaki
Oshinko Oshinko
Nagaimo Nagaimo

Sushi / Sashimi Entree

Sushi Regular Sushi Regular
Sushi Deluxe Sushi Deluxe
Sushi Sashimi Combo Sushi Sashimi Combo
Sashimi Regular Sashimi Regular
Sashimi Deluxe Sashimi Deluxe
Bon Voyage (Sushi Boat) Bon Voyage (Sushi Boat)
Chirashi Chirashi
Salmon Don Salmon Don
Battera Battera Sushi

Donburi (Over Rice)

Katsudon (Deep fried pork Over Rice) Katsudon (Deep fried pork Over Rice)
Kijidon (Chicken Teriyaki Over Rice) Kijidon (Chicken Teriyaki Over Rice)
Oyakodon (Chicken and egg Over Rice) Oyakodon (Chicken and egg Over Rice)
Temdon (Tempura Over Rice) Temdon (Tempura Over Rice)
Unadon (Grilled Eel Over Rice) Unadon (Grilled Eel Over Rice)

Kitchen Entree

Chicken Teriyaki Chicken Teriyaki
Chicken Katsu Chicken Katsu
Chicken Yakitori Dinner Chicken Yakitori
Chicken Karaage Chicken Karaage
Pork Shoga Pork Shoga
Pork Teriyaki Pork Teriyaki
Pork Tonkatsu Pork Tonkatsu
Beef Kushiyaki Dinner Beef Kushiyaki
Beef Negimaki Dinner Beef Negimaki
Beef Sukiyaki Beef Sukiyaki
Beef Teriyaki Beef Teriyaki
Tempura Dinner Tempura Dinner
Shrimp Tempura Dinner Shrimp Tempura Dinner
Hamachi Kama (Yellowtail Neck) Dinner Hamachi Kama
Tuna Teriyaki Tuna Teriyaki
Big Eye Tuna Big Eye Tuna
Salmon Teriyaki Salmon Teriyaki
Salmon Kama Entree Salmon Kama
Salmon Miso Entree Salmon Miso
Saba Radish Dinner Saba Radish
Saba Shio Entree Saba Shio
Flounder Entree Flounder Entree
Teppan Seafood Teppan Seafood
Sanma Shio (Pike) Entree Sanma Shio
Suzuki (Chilean Sea Bass) Entree Suzuki (Chilean Sea Bass)

Sushi Rolls

Sashimi California Roll (California Naruto) Sashimi California Roll (California Naruto)
Sashimi Eel Roll (Eel Naruto) Sashimi Eel Roll (Eel Naruto)
Sashimi Alaska Roll (Alaska Naruto) Sashimi Alaska Roll (Alaska Naruto)
Alaska (Salmon Avocado) Roll Alaska Roll (Salmon Avocado)
Ariyoshi Roll Ariyoshi Roll
Boston Roll Boston Roll
California Roll California Roll
Crispy Shrimp Roll Crispy Shrimp Roll
Futomaki Futomaki
Eel Avocado (Una Avo) Roll Eel Avocado Roll
Eel Cucumber (Una Q) Roll Eel Cucumber Roll
Tekka (Tuna) Roll Tuna Roll
Salmon Roll Salmon Roll
Hamachi Negi (Yellowtail Scallion) Roll Yellowtail Scallion Roll
Salmon Skin Roll Salmon Skin Roll
Philadelphia Roll Philadelphia Roll
Shrimp Tempura Roll Shrimp Tempura Roll
Soft Shell Crab (Spider) Roll Soft Shell Crab (Spider) Roll
Spicy Spider Roll Spicy Spider Roll
Spicy Tuna Roll Spicy Tuna Roll
Spicy Tuna Avocado Roll Spicy Tuna Avocado Roll
Spicy Salmon Roll Spicy Salmon Roll
Spicy Salmon Avocado Roll Spicy Salmon Avocado Roll
Spicy Crunch Scallop Roll Spicy Crunch Scallop Roll

---------------- SPECIAL ROLLS ----------------

Sunnyside Roll Sunnyside Roll
Kiyama Roll Kiyama Roll
Dragon Roll Dragon Roll
Dynamite Roll Dynamite Roll
Rainbow Roll Rainbow Roll
Crunchy Shrimp Dragon Roll Crunchy Shrimp Dragon Roll
Lobster Salad Roll Lobster Salad Roll
Volcano Roll Volcano Roll

---------------- VEGETARIAN ROLLS ----------------

Ume Cucumber (Ume Q) Roll Ume Q Roll
Sweet Potato Roll Sweet Potato Roll
Shiitake Mushroom Roll Shiitake Mushroom Roll
Oshinko Roll Oshinko Roll
Cucumber Roll (Kappa Maki) Cucumber Roll
Asparagus Roll Asparagus Roll
Avocado Cucumber (Avo Q) Roll Avocado Cucumber Roll


Sushi / Sashimi A La Carte

Maguro (Tuna) Maguro (Tuna)
Salmon (Sake) Salmon (Sake)
Hamachi (Yellowtail) Hamachi (Yellowtail)
Unagi (Eel) Unagi (Eel)
Hirame (Fluke) Hirame (Fluke)
Hotate (Scallop) Hotate (Scallop)
Ika (Squid) Ika (Squid)
Ebi (Shrimp) Ebi (Shrimp)
Ikura (Salmon Roe) Ikura (Salmon Roe)
Kani (Crabstick) Kani (Crabstick)
Masago (Smelt Roe) Masago (Smelt Roe)
Saba (Mackerel) Saba (Mackerel)
Tai (Snapper) Tai (Snapper)
Tako (Octopus) Tako (Octopus)
Tamago (Egg Omelet) Tamago (Egg Omelet)
Uni (Sea Urchin) Uni (Sea Urchin)

Side Orders

White Rice White Rice
Brown Rice Brown Rice
Spicy Mayo Spicy Mayo
Eel Sauce Eel Sauce
Mochi Ice Cream Mochi Ice Cream
Ice Cream Ice Cream
Ice Cream (1 scoop) Ice Cream (1 scoop)
Green Tea Pudding Green Tea Pudding
Yokan Yokan
Warabi Mochi Warabi Mochi