Has this ever happened to you? sometimes it can be very difficult talking to the cashier at the restaurant due to the noise in the background, food name, signal/reception and language barrier.

Did you order Tonkotsu or Tako-Su? got the wrong order? happens all the time when we pronounce items the wrong way. Order online to prevent this from happening

Or sometimes you know what food you want to eat, but don’t know what’s the name of the food and explained it the wrong way ended up getting the wrong food.

This happens a lot, not only to you, but to many people. Not only at Ariyoshi Japanese restaurant, but also all other restaurants, even Italian restaurants.

How to avoid this from happening? the safest way to order Japanese food is ordering it online. Ordering Japanese food online at Ariyoshi in Sunnyside and Woodside is very easy. All items have pictures so you won’t make a mistake in ordering the food you want.

Morale of this manga/comic’s story is; pronouncing the food the wrong way gets you the wrong food. Order online to play safe.